Photo Gallery


Here are a few pictures of some of our customers using our products. Please feel free to send us your pictures.

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Email me a photo of you using one of our pans or tanks to add to our webpage photo gallery and I will send you a $20 rebate!

Keith & Grandkids at Milts enjoying hotdogs boiling in the syrup.mmmm good!Pavilion New YorkMike-Wisconsin
Dennis and Granddaughter-WisconsinGary in Florida ,2 electric heat park tanks and insulated boxesJake in Alaska making birch syrup
Jay from The Shooters Roost using tanks I made for him.More parkerizing tanks used at The Shooters RoostJay using double boiler to parkerize.
Eric in Vermont, with a pan he purchased in 2008Another pan in use for several years nowMark in Maine using a 48"x24" divided pan with preheater
Matt in PA. with a 48x24 and preheaterAlington Heights only syrup producers! Hank with sons Matthew,Daniel, and NoahRay in NY, with 3 pans he purchased. He made almost 50 Gal of syrup in 2013
Paul in Ohio using a 48x24 divided pan with preheaterBeth in WI using a 5 ft pan and preheater she bought from us last yearBrad in  VT,  using a turkey cooker and this smaller pan to make his syrup.
Harolds divided pan set up in NY.  I like the copper pre heater lines he added.Lew in NY with a 48x24  pan making use of an old oil barrelWayne in MN. with a 48x24 pan with preheater
Kelly in MN with 48x24 and preheater on an old fuel oil barrel3 generations of Jackson's cooking sap in northern MNBernies 48in. divided pan set up in Vermont
Kyle in MI. using the popular barrel stove to heat his 48in.panFloat kit in action, Mike in WI trys out the new float and loves it.Early start for Alan in MA. with the help of his Son
Mark In WI making use of an old oil barrel near the shores or Lake SuperiorMatt in WI has a nice way to remove the 48x24 combo from the heat with the side frameBob in New York with 2 Divided pans in action
Dwight in MN with Grandkids making memoriesJons 3 pan setup in up state NY
Built Ray hard to find fender parts for his tractorStainless steel wild land fire equipment storage locker for Corning Volunteer Fire Dept