Although our website has specific items for sale, we have built various other styles and types tanks, pans and related items. If you would like to see more pictures, please email me and request what you would like to see. If I have pictures on file I will be glad to email them to you.

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Shipping fees:

0-$49.99 .... $15.00

$50.00-$174.99 .... $30.00

$175-$349.99 .... $40.00

$350-$449.99 .... $50.00

$450-$574.99 .... $65.00

$575-$699.99 .... $80.00

$700-$999.99 .... $100.00

These shipping charges apply to total boxed size (LxWxH) being less than 11,700 cubic inches.

Orders larger than 11,700 cubic inches may require additional shipping charges.

Paypal,Master Card,Visa,American Express & Discover may be used for payment. You may pay at time of purchase on the website or call and we can take payment over the phone.

We build most of our pans when the order is placed. Because we usually do not keep pans in stock, please allow up to 7-10 days to ship. During February and March ship times may be longer.

At time of payment I print the shipping label and your order is processed in the order it is received. UPS will send an email(if you provided an email address during payment) letting you know the label has been printed and give you a tracking number. This does not mean it shipped at that time. Please check to see when your order does ship.

Always use thread tape or food grade anti seize on stainless steel threads when piping from drain in pan.

Wash and sanitize the pans and tanks before use.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: If your pan or tank arrives damaged,please contact me right away by phone or email and take pictures of the shipping box and pan/tank if you can. I will either repair or replace any damage caused by shipping.

Due to lack of space and the amount of orders that may be processed at a given time, I do not leak check the pans/tanks before shipping. I do how ever warranty my welds for as long as you own your pan/tank. I will repair any leaks in seam welds and pay for shipping both ways.

Canadian customers may use UPS stores or other ship to addresses in the U.S.. We do not ship to Canada direct.